We Offer Guidelines on Successful Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening can help you brighten the appearance of your smile when you choose effective and safe products that are ideal for your smile. To learn more about your options for teeth whitening options, our friendly dentist can help you select the most effective treatments to achieve your cosmetic dental goals. We are pleased to offer helpful guidelines to keep your smile safe and create the results that make your smile shine.

Teeth whitening procedures typically use one of two whitening agents, which can be either a mild chemical material to address surface stains or a peroxide bleach to remove deep stains that have affected the appearance of the teeth. Our dentist is happy to help you choose safe and efficient products that complement the type of stains and discoloration that are on your smile. Teeth whitening treatment may include:

– Routine dental cleanings, including a tooth polishing, performed as part of your dental checkup
– Commercial whitening products found at your local store or online, though we encourage you to seek the approval of the dentist on any products you plan to use
– Professional teeth whitening treatment at Smile 32

Treat over-the-counter products with care to avoid certain side effects such as tooth sensitivity, gum bleaching or gum irritation, which can occur if the product is poor or used incorrectly. If you prefer results in as little as one application, visit our office for in-office whitening treatment.

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