Pediatric Dentistry In Stockton, CA

Pediatric Dentistry in Stockton, CA

As the name suggests, pediatric dentistry concerns the oral health and hygiene of children. Pediatric dentists are qualified professionals who specialize in the field and trained to take care of children's teeth from infancy through their teenage years. Children's teeth, like their bodies, go through various series of growth, and carelessness or lack of treatment, could leave them with pain and complications for a lifetime. 

How does Pediatric Dentistry Differ from General Dentistry?

Like every other specialization in the health sector, pediatric dentists are also trained under a different set of standards defined by the Commission of Dental Accreditation, which are designed to address the specific needs of children. Pediatric dentists, also known as pedodontists, can only specialize in pediatric dentistry after completing obtaining a license to practice general dentistry in their respective states. These dentists need to train a minimum of two years, three in some cases, to practice pediatric dentistry. 

What Treatments Does a Pediatric Dentist Provide?

A pediatric dentist provides the following comprehensive treatment for infants and children:

  • Infant oral health examination that includes assessing the babies and their mother for caries.
  • A suite of preventive dental care treatments that include everything from fluoride treatment and teeth cleaning to designing nutrition and diet recommendations for children
  • Counseling for habits such as pacifier and thumb sucking
  • Assessment of teeth for overbite, underbite, and crooked teeth and their correction
  • Treatment of tooth decay and cavities
  • Regular oral screenings for early detection of diseases such as congenital heart defects, diabetes, hay fever, asthma, and hyperactivity/attention disorder
  • Prevention and treatment of gum diseases in children including ulcers, mucoceles, or pediatric periodontal disease
  • Treatment of dental injuries such as fractured or knocked-out teeth

Besides these factors, the warm and children-friendly environment at pediatric dentists also plays a key role in keeping children calm and assisting with the treatment, which is otherwise difficult. 

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