Oral Health Essentials: Cavity Prevention

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The best way to ensure your mouth is well protected from the dangers of cavities is to eat healthy meals. If you eat healthily, your risk for developing cavities will drop immensely. Furthermore, a healthy habit will improve your overall health, not just your oral health.

Are you taking the needed steps to ensure cavities are unlikely to occur within your mouth? Are you always brushing and flossing daily, making sure all gaps in your mouth are effectively cleaned and cared for? Are you staying away from foods and drinks that can increase your risk for cavities? Are you regularly attending your bi-annual professional cleanings with your dentist in addition to your usual check-ups?

If so, remember that all of these tips can help keep your smile cavity-free for a lifetime. If your cavity prevention techniques fail or are abandoned, and a cavity does occur, speak with your dentist about your possible treatment options with the use of a dental filling.

Keeping your teeth clean ensures cavities will not be able to harm you. To schedule your professional cleaning at Smile 32 with Dr. Novan Nguyen and our team at our dentist office in Stockton, California, simply give us a call at 209-952-9290. We look forward to hearing from you!