Three Ways a Dental Checkup Benefits Your Oral Health

If you are questioning why your dentist tells you to come back every six months even if your smile is in good health, our team is here to put your curiosity at rest by offering three ways regular dental checkups benefit oral health. 1. Dental cleanings: The dental cleaning performed... Read more »

Dental Crown Processing

Many of our patients have asked us why dental crowns can take two weeks to install. To support your knowledge about dental crowns and why applying them can take a while, we’ve amassed this blog post of information for you. Dental crowns are utilized as somewhat of a rounding out... Read more »

What to Do for a Broken Tooth

From time to time, you may break a tooth. This may happen to a tooth that has been weakened by a cavity, a large, older filling, eating something hard or tough, a blow to the mouth or a collision. The problem may be an actual fracture, or it may be... Read more »

What You Need To Know About Toothpaste

Many people don’t realize how long toothpaste has been around. Some evidence points to it being used in ancient Egypt! However, ancient toothpaste was much different than modern toothpaste. Egyptians would mix powdered rock and vinegar to make a paste, then use it on their teeth. Of course, today’s toothpaste... Read more »

Upgrade Your Fall Smile with Hazardous Food Avoidance

The end of the year holiday seasons are finally here! However, with great rewards comes great with risks including damage to your oral health. Be careful not to over-consume treats and sweets that can easily damage your smile. Beyond sugars that you consume, also exercise caution with any products that... Read more »

Having a Dental Bridge Installed Can Restore the Healthy Function of Your Mouth After Tooth Loss

When a tooth is knocked out, lost to severe decay, or required extraction as part of the treatment process it can alter the function and long-term health of your mouth in a myriad of ways. Even if you learn to adapt to the decreased ability to chew and any changes... Read more »

Ditching Harmful Dental Habits

Have you acquired a harmful dental habit? Read below to find out if you have one of three bad habits and what to do about it: Nail Biting: The Academy of General Dentistry reports that nail-biters can crack, chip or wear down their front teeth. Anyone who wears braces face... Read more »

Oral Health Care 101: Bruxism

Have you ever heard of bruxism? Bruxism refers to an oral health condition that arises when grind or clench your teeth while sleeping. This can include periods of gnashing, grinding, and clenching your teeth together, which occurs unconsciously or while you sleep. Due to the fact you are often unaware... Read more »

The Facts of Oral Hygiene: Sugarless Chewing Gum

Have you ever considered using an alternative dental cleaning tool or technique beyond your standard brushing and flossing daily routine? Even though brushing and flossing should never be skipped or replaced, there are useful cleaning tools and methods you can consider, including chewing sugarless gum. By chewing sugarless gum, your... Read more »

Oral Health Essentials: Cavity Prevention

The best way to ensure your mouth is well protected from the dangers of cavities is to eat healthy meals. If you eat healthily, your risk for developing cavities will drop immensely. Furthermore, a healthy habit will improve your overall health, not just your oral health. Are you taking the... Read more »