First Aid for Dental Emergencies

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Sometimes a sports injuries or household accident can result in trauma to the mouth,which can damage your teeth, gums, and other tissues. In some cases, the trauma may result in a lost tooth. For a severe dental trauma like this, you need to seek emergency treatment from our d dentist, Dr. Novan Nguyen. While you are waiting for your appointment, there are some simple oral first-aid steps that can reduce your pain and minimize your chances of suffering complications.

If the injured gum tissues are bleeding excessively, you might be able to lightly pack the area with sterile gauze. If you need to first clear your mouth, use a gentle saltwater rinse. Not only will this remove blood and debris, it can also relieve some of your discomfort. If you lose a tooth, our dentist may be able to successfully insert it back into the socket. Sometimes a traumatized tooth can be preserved for up to half an hour by placing it between your cheek and gums or in milk. If your first-aid kit includes a tooth preservation product, it might also help keep to preserve the tooth. You should talk with the dentist about using a tooth preservative when you call for your appointment. During your appointment at Smile 32 the dentist and his team will assess the severity of the damage to your tooth, gums, and other compromised oral tissues, and talk with you about your treatment options.

If you are in Stockton, California, and you have a dental emergency, you should call 209-952-9290 to seek emergency treatment at Smile 32.