A Retainer Will Be Needed After Your Child’s Braces Have Been Removed

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Our orthodontist, Dr. Novan Nguyen will often recommend traditional braces to correct the alignment of permanent teeth. This procedure will require your son or daughter to routinely attend adjustment appointments to improve the alignment of their teeth and jaw ligaments.

Even after their teeth have reached their ideal alignment, they will still need time to settle into their new positions. Even after the braces have come off, your child’s teeth could drift out of position. To make sure that this does not happen, your child will be given a retainer to wear.

A hawley retainer is the most common option. It is a custom-shaped piece of orthodontic acrylic that is worn on the upper teeth. A hawley retainer is removable and will help your child’s teeth remain in alignment. In some cases our dentist might recommend installing a fixed retainer. This is a rigid metal band is held in place behind the teeth with dental cement.

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